WWE Battleground

United States Champion John Cena def. Kevin Owens


ST. LOUIS — At the all-too-appropriate setting of WWE Battleground, United States Champion John Cena settled the score with the relentless Kevin Owens, valiantly defending his star-spangled symbol of excellence in an all-out war that pushed both competitors to their limits.

Hours after obliterating Rob Schamberger’s patriotic portrait of The Champ backstage, Owens attempted to create his own twisted masterpiece on the ring’s canvas by humiliating Cena and taking his championship. However, utilizing all of the tools in his arsenal, Cena managed to earn a submission victory over the former NXT Champion.

After absorbing some serious punishment from K.O. in the early goings of this anticipated rubber match, Cena caught Owens with an Attitude Adjustment, a maneuver that somehow only garnered a two-count. With frustration beginning to set in, Cena attempted to go high-risk, taking the challenger to the top rope for a superplex. Anticipating Cena’s next move, Owens reversed the maneuver, sending The Champ crashing down hard on his left shoulder. Cena reeled following that sickening impact, but this fight was far from finished.


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