WWE Raw Results: July 20, 2015

U.S. Champion John Cena confronted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins


Thanks to the next best thing to the devil himself, Seth Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But John Cena wasn’t buying The Architect’s version of a victory tour out of Suplex City. As Rollins forced Lilian Garcia to belatedly announce his continued tenure as titleholder, the Cenation leader and United States Champion made his presence known, laying down what amounted to a challenge for a fight. “The Undisputed Future” wasn’t too interested, though. It’s unlikely these two have butted heads for the last time just yet.

U.S. Champion John Cena, Cesaro & Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens, Rusev & Sheamus


With six of WWE’s hardest-hitting Superstars in the ring at once, who’d have thought a Diva with a grudge wouls decide the fate of Raw’s main-event slugfest. It wasn’t an Attitude Adjustment, an RKO or a Neutralizer that carried John Cena, Randy Orton & Cesaro to victory over Kevin Owens, Rusev & Sheamus, but instead a shoe to the chest from Lana to Summer Rae.

Before that, however, the fan favorites were reeling until a miscommunication between Sheamus and Owens led the Irishman to walk out, and Owens followed suit after kicking a belligerent Rusev in the face. That left The Bulgarian Brute alone to fend off The Viper, but just as Rusev escaped the RKO, Lana arrived looking for retribution against Summer Rae, who’d slapped her earlier in the night. First came the shoe, then The Ravishing Russian pounced, leaving Rusev dumbfounded. When the action resumed, Cena was waiting with an AA, Cesaro followed up with the Cesaro Swing and, finally, slingshot Rusev straight into Orton’s jaws for an RKO. Crushed it.


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